3 Day Juice Fast


by Publisher

After having a cheat week while in California, I knew I wanted to go back to eating clean/Paleo. I decided that I would first do a seven-day juice cleanse to flush out my system, aka hitting the restart button. After doing some research and watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, I decided to try the book "Three day juice fast" that Dr. Oz also featured on his show. His story really hit home for me and I thought I’d give it a go. Here is the lovely visual aid:
Some important things to know about juicing:

1. Check with your health professional before starting any diet or cleanse.

2. Make sure you are making your juice as fresh as possible. It’s okay to buy 100% fruit and vegetable juice, but only in a pinch.

3. Juice is juice, NOT a smoothie. Use a juice extractor and don’t consume the pulp while you’re cleansing.

4. Make sure you juice five veggies and greens to every 1 piece of fruit. P.S. Lemons and limes don’t count as a fruit, but they cut the veggie taste a whole lot! The greens are what help to cleanse the body, so don’t cut the benefits short.

5. Juice and drink it right away before it oxidizes.
I completed the seven-day juice fast based on the recipes from Joe and some I made up; I lost 9lbs! I loved it. I feel great and I am beyond excited to do it again!

The type of juicer I use is called a Breville they make AMAZING products.

Juice Recipes

Breakfast: Carrot Apple Ginger Juice
3 carrots
2 apples
1 in. ginger
Directions: Juice. Pour over ice. Enjoy!

Mid-Morning Juice: Mean Green Juice
1 cucumber
4 celery stalks
2 apples
6 to 8 leaves kale
1/2 lemon
1 in. ginger
Juice. Pour over ice. Enjoy!

Lunch: Gazpacho Juice
4 plum tomatoes
1 large cucumber
2 celery stalks
1 red bell pepper
1 small red onion
2 cups parsley (leaves and stems, roughly chopped)
1 lime
Juice. Pour over ice. Enjoy!

Afternoon Snack: Citrus Inspired Green Juice
6-8 leaves kale
8 leaves Swiss chard
1 cucumber
6 clementines
Juice. Pour over ice. Enjoy!

Pre-Dinner: Sunset Blend Juice
1 large sweet potato
1 medium carrot
1 red bell pepper
2 large red beets
2 Golden Delicious apples
1 orange (optional)
Juice. Pour over ice. Enjoy!

Dessert: Peach Pie
4-6 Peaches
1 Sweet potato
Cinnamon to taste

Juice. Pour over ice. Enjoy!