6 Healthy Foods That Might Be Hindering Your Weight Loss


by Publisher

It’s like driving in the wrong direction or missing your turn — and failing to realize it. But eating unhealthy amounts of so-called “healthy foods” can feel discouraging when you finally realize you’ve been heading down the wrong road all this time. While most anything can prove bad for your body when consumed in too large a quantity, things commonly perceived to be healthy could be quietly hurting you.

Multigrain bread

It’s not just made of one good thing, it’s made of several of them — right? Not exactly. Oftentimes, multigrain breads are primarily composed of bleached flour, the deal “sweated” with a handful of grains. To make sure your bread is as healthy as you believe it to be, check its ingredients to confirm that it’s made of whole grain or whole wheat.

Fruit Juice

Some of the worst drinks you can pour into your body are described by terms like “juice drink,” “juice flavored” and “juice cocktail.” All too often, these juice-branded drinks contain considerably more sweeteners than natural fruit juice.

Even drinks that qualify for the “100% juice” branding can prove bad for your health when your intake of them outpaces your consumption of water. Filtered fruit juice leaves fiber and other healthy plant matter behind in the strainer, leaving you with only the fruit’s natural sugar and some water. And though it’s natural, it’s still sugar.


With one or two swirls of your spoon, the yogurt in your cup can be contaminated with unhealthy amounts of sugar. Instead of buying the “fruit at the bottom” yogurts or the ones with the sugary flavoring already blended in, consider elevating your yogurt with fresh fruit.

Sports Drinks

Even if you’re an athlete after business hours, a love affair with sports drink could counterbalance the calories you burn. Quite often, sports drinks are loaded with calories and sugar. Unless you’re exercising more than an hour, or going full throttle when you do, Men’s Fitness recommends benching the sports drink and sticking with water. Conversely, the electrolytes in sports drinks can enhance a vigorous workout by helping your body retain and manage water.

Gluten Free

It’s a greenlight. But while it might not roil your gut, it still may prove bad for your stomach … and your waistline. People with gluten allergies may wisely choose to avoid wheat protein and miss out on popular treats in the process. This abstinence isn’t lost on food producers, many of whom find other ways to tempt the gluten-free crowd to decadent baked goods. So when you see that gluten-free greenlight, be sure to proceed with caution.

Veggie Patties

About the only standard for these meat-free eats is the shape of them: round. That means you can never be quite sure what you’re chomping on when you dig into a veggie patty. It isn’t uncommon to find a high amount of your daily share of sodium in a meatless patty. And it isn’t uncommon for veggie patties to owe long life to a bouquet of preservatives.

On the other hand, it isn’t rare to find a veggie patty that’s as good for you as its manufacturers profess it to be. So unless you can review the ingredients packed into your patties, you may want to consider other vegetarian options when you’re dining away from home.

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